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Ben Richburg

Designer of "Live Wild" & "Live Directed"

"Since D3 was founded, I have always loved the company and the heart behind it, creating great clothes and bringing awareness to mental health and working towards suicide prevention. I am thankful to not have experienced anxiety or depression firsthand, however, many of my friends and family members have struggled with anxiety and depression, and losing friends to suicide is devastating. 


During my freshman year, a student in my dorm committed suicide. It was heartbreaking to know that there was someone in our community that had been struggling so much, yet so many people around him had no idea. It breaks my heart to be in a seemingly tight-knit, Christian community like Bethel, knowing that there are people struggling to make it through the day. As a follower of Christ, I believe our lives should reflect the radical, inclusive love of Jesus, raising awareness for the problems that people in our community face. I believe mental health needs to be a part of our daily conversation. 

My designs revolve around one idea. Today is an opportunity to live in a way that makes tomorrow worth living.

I am honored to be a part of this project and work with D3 and its mission to take action and fight to prevent suicide."