We are a Minneapolis based company. Our mission is to deliver stylish apparel with a simple message: Stay dedicated towards your goals, be determined to achieve them, and live a life with direction. Our direction is to create motivation and fight suicide. Suicide is something that many of us are afraid to talk about. We want to help those who struggle to find direction, that is why we donate a large portion of our profits to suicide prevention. We firmly believe that in order to achieve success in life, dedication, determination, and direction are absolute necessities. 

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Suicide Prevention

Every year over 800,000 people lose their lives to suicide. This impacts everyone. D3 Clothing has made a vow to take action by joining the fight to prevent suicide. We donate a large portion of our profits in efforts to help. Everyone's life is important. Our company is a brand through which we are trying to make an impact. Suicide is a serious issue and can seem uncomfortable to talk about. Our mission is to show people that it can be prevented. End the stigmas, help us fight suicide.


Text HOME to 741741

Where Our Donations Go


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (40% of Profits)
This national charity works to understand and prevent suicide by supporting research looking at the causes of suicide, helping those who have suicidal thoughts or those who have lost someone to suicide, and working with federal and state governments on policies to prevent suicide and care for those at risk.


Crisis Text Line (10% Of Profits)

Crisis Text Line is a United States not-for-profit organization providing free crisis intervention via SMS message. The organization's services are available 24 hours a day every day, throughout the US by texting 741741.