Be Still

Recently, a new design has emerged for D3 Clothing, ’Be Still’. This complex hand-drawn bouquet of flowers sits above the phrase ‘Be Still’. Not only is this design beautiful in its representation, but it holds an inspiring message from a young designer about finding peace in her mental health.

This artwork was created by Sophie Sommerness, a junior at Southwest Christian High School. Sophie explains the meaning of this design came through her own personal struggles. Recently, Sophie had “just overcome two major knee surgeries and a lot of family hardships.” As humans, we are faced with times of hardships, heartbreak, and pain. For Sophie, artwork allowed her to find time to “slow down and trust God.” This was the conception of ‘Be Still’.

Expanding on how this phrase is relevant to the day to day lives we all live, Sophie suggests that the constant pressure, noise, and chaos can make our lives feel crazy. “The kind of crazy that causes us to be stressed out, anxious, or worried,” says Sophie. This idea to ‘Be Still’ truly reflects Sophie’s beliefs in the Christian concept of pausing and embracing God’s peace. “Whatever is troubling us is no match for His mighty hands”, she adds. Sophie has exemplified this relatable notion of needing a break and finding time to ‘Be Still’.

In this time of crisis, understandably we all feel anxious by the unknown. However, as Sophie said, remember to take time to ‘Be Still’ and find God’s peace. Each and every day, we all face struggles, feel pain, and are uncertain about what lies ahead, especially through this pandemic. D3 Clothing acknowledges and understands these hardships. We exist to help create a new feeling of hope. This hope comes from starting fresh and living a life guided by direction. Sophie Sommerness has found her direction through the peace God provides while being still.

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