Tony Harris

Founder of D3 Clothing

I am currently a Marketing and Finance student at Bethel University. I started D3 Clothing last year as a freshman. During my first year at Bethel, one of our fellow classmates lost his life to suicide. For those of you who do not know about Bethel, it is a very close-knit community and Christ-centered school with very involved professors and alumni. The community and atmosphere at the school are very healthy and uplifting. Losing a classmate to suicide was devastating and shocking. The impact on campus was felt by everyone. As a freshman floor, we decided that something should be done, not just talk about it, but to actually do something to bring awareness to the topic. I began to research suicide and learned quickly the dark reality of how prevalent it is in our world. Nearly 1,000,000 people lose their lives to suicide every single year. Suicide is all too common in every place on this planet and it's time to make a change.


Growing up I had a healthy family in a good home. My parents were always there for me when I needed them. I could not have asked for a better childhood. Yet, in sixth grade, I endured extreme anxiety. I could not go to class, I could not think straight, and I did not function like myself. My parents finally transferred me to a small Christian school and I met a teacher who encouraged me to pray. After I began to pray, my anxiety started to decrease. Following that, I came to Christ.

After experiencing the loss of our college classmate to suicide, I started to reflect on what I went through and what many others are potentially struggling with.  I wanted to bring awareness to this in hopes of helping others and preventing suicide. That is when I started the clothing company, D3 Clothing.


D3 stands for the words dedication, determination, and direction.  These words are important to me as I believe they inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.  Staying dedicated to the goals we set, being determined to make a difference, and living a directed life are the foundation of what D3 was created on. I am dedicated to living life to the fullest by helping others, I am determined to bring suicide prevention into a greater light, and I live my life directed towards Jesus Christ.


I hope my story inspires others to be open and honest by talking with people you trust. I also encourage anyone who is going through a struggle to pray. 


D3 Clothing was established to be a light for many, bring awareness to suicide prevention and to make a difference in our world today.