December 2017

D3 Clothing became an idea in December of 2017 when trying to find a way to commemorate for losing a classmate to suicide. 

January 2018

D3 Clothing was launched in January 2018, with four styles of hoodies and four hats. 

September 2018

The Fall Drop of 2018 was one of D3's biggest successes. Some of its current styles were released focusing on the words "Dedicated" and "live life" to focus on both one of the brand's main components and the mission behind the company. 

January 2019

The release of the D3 "Box Logo Crew" was to focus on the three brand words in a different style. 

March 2019

The first "D3 Designer", Jenna Penticoff, created Full Bloom which was of D3's fastest sellout. 

June 2019

D3 attended its first event, RiseFest, hosted by Rob Rozenboom in Sheldon Iowa. Here, Tony Harris, D3's founder, was invited as a seminar speaker to speak about the company's origins about D3's efforts towards suicide prevention. 

September 2019

D3 was able to participate in its first Suicide Prevention Collaborative 5k hosted by Renee Penticoff in Woodbury. 

October 2019

D3 Clothing started its "Limited" line where releases will only be listed on the website until sold out, items will no longer be restocked.